Discover the versatility of flocking

Flocking enjoys increasing popularity in the fields of packaging design and marketing. With just a few individual production steps flocking grades up any surface visibly and tangibly. Moreover, papers and objects gain a three-dimensional effect on their surface due to the clearly perceptible elevation of the flocked surface.

By flocking a material it is possible to create velvety surfaces. Products and Papers refined in this way do not only have a good grip; they provide an outstanding sensual surface feel. The velvety surface reached by flocking feels soft and warm. Like no other paper finishing technology flock increases the perceived value of your products.

Flock technology has a wide field of application and sets no boundaries to your creativity. flock-in works in this business for decades and has increased the perceived value of many products from well-known brands (e.g. in the toy industry) using the flock technology. Currently flocking is a very popular finishing technique within the production of exclusive packages and the design of book or magazine covers.

Get inspired by the examples in our reference gallery. Or request a copy of our sample book using theĀ contact form.

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